Can We Do Without Women In Our Lives?

God made Men and Women different. The ingredients in the form of intellect, feeling, reasoning and the psyche are different. Variety seems to be the key aspect in nature. No two individuals are the same, be it physically or psychologically.

Nature has intended man and woman to play different roles. In accordance with the roles, each has been endowed with the required attribute. Men are supposed to play the role of providers or bread winners, leaders and head of family etc. Accordingly men have been endowed with physical strength, vigor, logic and reasoning as well as an ego. Women on the other hand are supposed to nurture and bring up the children, look after the family and manage the home. Accordingly they have been endowed with endurance, patience, emotional intelligence, feelings as well as flexibility.


Women have feelings as the prominent quality in them and this means women tend to go through and withstand more emotional challenges as compared to men. Women have an inbuilt mechanism that enables them to bear the emotional challenges as well as the responsibilities of family, children and relatives etc. Women play multiple roles in their life. From being a mother, wife, daughter, they also play numerous other roles to the extended family and neighborhood as well. Women have the unique capability to play these multiple roles, invest into each relationship emotionally and fulfill all of the expectations from all quarters. What is it that makes them so unique and capable? One of the reasons is that women are able to share and communicate their feelings as well as thoughts, problems and their life with others very easily. We normally call it gossip, but gossiping is actually the most effective channel of communication between women and helps them unburden themselves.

Women go through difficult physiological and emotional processes in their lives. Pregnancy, childbirth as well as menopause are a few of the sure shot physiological processes that every woman goes through. Pregnancy and childbirth are no doubt difficult but bearable due to the fact that the woman is normally young in age and enjoys a better physical health. However menopause is a difficult phase for every woman to go through. The hormonal imbalances and the effects on their physical as well as emotional health is difficult to deal with. Despite the difficulties that they face, women do not give up on their responsibilities and continue to hold responsibilities on all fronts and continue to do their jobs be it at home or at office and elsewhere.

Men on the other hand are not generally able to withstand emotional pressures and take on too many challenges on the home front. There are limitations to their ability to be flexible as well as to extend the self beyond the perceived role. Men going through andropause often find it hard to manage or understand their condition themselves. Men are known to suddenly change and become another personality altogether when they go through andropause. The reduction in the male hormone is said to cause depression, anxiety and lack of confidence coupled with reduction of physical vigor, muscle mass and overall vitality and more importantly a reduction is sexual drive. Many men do not know how to accept this new situation in their life. In such situations the men themselves need assistance and support from their spouses rather than expecting them to take on additional responsibilities on the family front.

Though we live in a male dominated society, it is the women who keep life and home going. This is but the whole truth.