Chordee problem in men

When curved penis creates problems, this condition is known as chordee. In this condition penis top head curved downward or upward at the junction point where shaft and head is interconnect. This problem often occurs during erection period and it does not allow the penis for straight erection. This problem is mostly associated with chordee but not every time.


Chordee is further elated to hypospadias problem and it is not similar to the Peyroine’s condition. In Peyroine’s condition, shaft of the penis become curved due to some injury in the adult life time. Chordee problem occur due to the different reasons such as disorder of sex development, intersex condition or because of circumcision. This problem mostly happen at the birth time and it can be correct after passing from a surgical operation. This problem occurs in the womb when elastic tissues in the penis of child develop on the top half side but not in the bottom side. In this situation penis got curve while erection. More over chordee also include different type of problems like threatening of skin under the penis which resist the straight erection and some scar tissues around the urinary tube. Some of the doctor specify the chordee word when penis move downward and it is sometime occur in adulthood when any surgery happen to correct the any other problem regarding penis. This problem becomes too prominent during erection condition especially in those men and boys who are without hypospadias. This problem is not easy to detect until or unless a men reached at adulthood age. This disease creates the difficulty for boys in controlling hi urine flow and patient should sit down for urinate in significant hypospadias. Chordee is also responsible for some pain and difficulty during sexual intercourse for both partners in adulthood. Erection remains a significant problem in men having chordee problem. It is highly recommended to go for surgery in such condition before the age 2 years and surgery is a good option for its treatment. Chordee can be repaired if this surgical treatment can be done before 2 years. In this way, penis got its actual position by surgery and normal growth become possible with the growing age. This surgery can be done as outpatient surgery and a bandage is wrapped around the penis to prevent swelling. Catheter is often recommended from doctor side for urinate till seven days after surgery. Patient got penis in normal condition after passing from this surgery but if this surgery is not done in childhood then it is still a medical option in adulthood as well. In some conditions, more than one surgery is requiring to achieve final repairing of chord. If there is hypospadias present then some other techniques are also use along with surgery for bringing the urethral part at proper place at the top of the penis. In short, surgery in a childhood is an easy work and patient get better result very soon but in adulthood it becomes difficult and multiple surgeries may require.