Health Wealth Tip - Do Antibiotics Fatten You?

By now, we know that farmers pump their cattle full of antibiotics and growth regulators to increase the weight faster. More increase in the weight in a shorter time span implies more benefits for the meat industry.

Is it possible that the same phenomena are occurring in our body when we consume the antibiotic loaded meats?

The medicines alter the animal’s digestive system, therefore resulting in weight gain. The round of medicines you have consumed or that is in the food eaten by you might be the reason behind the difficulties you face while losing weight.


We all know that when a round of antibiotics is taken, we are consuming the good along with the bad. The medicine is not selective in the type of bacteria it destroys. It hampers the good ones also along with the bad. If the friendly bacteria which enhance our immune system are not replaced, we will soon get sick again and the health care provider will recommend another round of shots or pills for us.

The Pylori bacterium activates two hormones which are responsible for the regulation of the hunger. These 2 hormones are: (1) leptin - which sends the signal to the brain when your stomach is full (2) ghrelin- which permits the brain to perceive your hunger. When the equilibrium of these two hormones is interrupted, your hunger will likely be misbalanced as well. As a result, a increase in the intake of antibiotics has been associated to a steep rise in obesity.

The doctors realize that if you get ill and your immune system is not sufficiently strong to resist the infection, it is occasionally necessary to consume antibiotics to clear out the bug which is bugging you.

Just understand that your immune system is further weakened and you will immediately require restoring the beneficial bacteria in your digestive system.

As the drugs are a foreign material to the body, when the antibiotic is consumed, the body strives to enclose it with adipose tissue to provide protection to the rest of the body. If the intake of the drugs are continues, then the body keeps combining more fatty layers to try and defend your vital body organs. Therefore, weight is gained.

So, if you are very lazy to work out and you consume junk food all the time, you will become sick. Then you visit the doctor for a medical fix and that makes you put on more body weight. It becomes a fierce cycle.

The easiest ways to be careful about this are:

  1. Consume a lot of alkaline water.
  2. A healthy alkaline balanced diet should be eaten.
  3. Develop a rational exercise routine which is ideal for you.

If you really desire to consume the antibiotics, discuss with your health care provider about the methods in which the sufficient balance of bacteria can be recovered in the body. If you are overweight or obese, then a regular check on the bacterial amount should be conducted periodically, after using an antibiotic therapy.