Life and Choices

Our life is the outcome of our choices. But most often we do not remember this fact while taking decisions. Of course one is born into a certain family and we have no choice as far as choosing parents, siblings and relatives are concerned. In fact wise people always say that relatives come into your life to teach you lessons. Managing relationships is the toughest task. If you do not like the person you are dating you can call it off and break up with your friend. But with relatives there is no such thing called breakup. Even if you choose to stay away, the relationship continues to exist and the negative or positive vibrations continue to affect you.


If you think that children are the only ones who make decisions on the spur of the moment and go by their feelings, you are wrong. Most of the individuals are known to take decisions without thinking through. There are some who procrastinate and weigh the pros and cons of every decision they take and there are many who take decisions on the spot. Of course a reasonable amount of thought and logic going into any decision is always helpful. Depending upon the kind of decision one needs to take and its implications in one’s life, the individual will need to take time to consider all facts, mull over them as well as seek advice from friends and others who can add value to the decision to be made on hand.

There are few people who are able to analyze the problem silently and take the right decision immediately. They are guided not by their mind, reasoning or logic but by soul intuition. When one’s mind is unruffled and silent, the soul conscience comes to the fore front and drops intuitive answers into the mind. These answers received directly through intuition will always be the truth. Intuition is the soul faculty which comprehends the truth regarding any matter and will never mislead the individual. It is therefore important for everyone to develop intuition. This faculty is present in everyone but is hidden within. One needs to develop intuition and use it consciously using meditation techniques.

Children and youth will benefit from learning to meditate, practice silence and go within to seek answers. Youth need this more than anyone else because they happen to be at the most critical juncture in life and need to determine the future course of their life. Often we see youth being wasted away with wrong past times and useless pursuits. Blame it on the male hormones. Puberty and the sudden spurt of male hormone in the body causes havoc with the youth prompting him to pursue a reckless behavior, turning him into a rebel. Many who rebel and waste their life in youth lose out on good life and the things that life has to offer. However those who are able to practice meditation and learn the art of thinking are able to choose their path in life and make maximum use of opportunities that life has to offer.