Marriage and Astrology

Marriage is a holy union. Many people believe that marriages are made in heaven. In most cases it is true. Though people do not believe so, it would be a matter of interest for people to know that we attract other souls as per our predisposition of habits, mentalities, attitudes and perception. It is quite interesting to know a little about astrological interpretation of marriage. Astrology that is practiced in the east as well as west shows the time and the kind of person that the individual will get attracted to and result in marriage. Astrology can also predict the number of children that an individual is going to have. Similarly in case of any ills like infertility in women or male impotence in men, the astrological charts will show the same clearly and wise astrologers are able to intuit the reason for such disability.


Astrology deals with starts, planets and their influence on human bodies. It is true that the stars and planets are inanimate objects and are dumb. However, they emit certain radiation and energy that is absorbed by the humans on the earth. We human beings have seven energy centers in the spine that are known as ‘Chakra’s. Each of the seven spinal energy centre is connected to one or more of the principles of nature and physical, emotional, astral and spiritual levels that govern our body and mind.

Astrology also believes that humans set in motion causes and actions with their desires and feelings that are carried forward in their subconscious minds as impressions and memory. Each of the desires and thoughts attract certain amount of energy. In successive births, the effect of the causes and actions bear fruit when the impression and energy gain momentum and rise forth with the radiation received from the particular planet or star.

Male impotence and female fertility are problems that can easily be detected with the help of astrological chart. The causes of male impotence can be psychological or emotional or even physical. In case of psychological and emotional trauma the cause can be of this lifetime or some residual cause of a previous life time that has been set in motion and has come to fruition now. Most often we do find male impotence being caused by hereditary or genetic factors. These can be attributed to the causes from the previous birth. Physical causes and hormonal causes may be a result of unhealthy living and transgression of the natural principles of body and health. When man indulges in excessive and indiscriminate sexual activities, the loss of the sexual energy and the overspent body organ can cause weakness and impotence caused by erectile dysfunction. In a few cases there can be physical damage to the physical organ thus causing a physical problem too.

If it is so destined that the man should attract a woman and fall in love with her and live the rest of the life with her, then the destiny shall reign supreme and despite male impotence problems, the man will end up marrying the particular woman who is destined for him. Whether the marriage is likely to be a success or a troublesome marriage will of course depends upon the two individuals, their mental dispositions, attitudes and their nature.